Arron's 1964 Mercury Comet

In November 1963 at the age of 22, Arron Dominguez bought his first car a 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente two door hard, top, with bucket seats, and four on the floor. The engine was a 260 V8, not too much power, but he could get a little rubber off the line and a scratch in second gear. Aaron always dreamed of having a 289 and bigger wheels in the rear, but as a young man with limited resources, that never happened. Three years latter Aaron cracked the 260 engine on the day before his wedding.  The Comet was gone but but it was always one if his most pleasant memories. At time he had dreams so real about the car that when he awoke, he would go into the garage to see if it was there.

At the age of 62, Arron surprisingly found his current 1964 Mercury Comet on the Internet ,after being frustrated shopping shopping for a a new car for his retirement. It was a Cailente two door hardtop  with a 289 and a 4 on the floor. Two days after finding the Comet,  he drove to Arizona to bring home the car he had been dreaming of for all these years

Arron's research for a speed shop in the Houston area brought him to the guys here at Duke's Speed Masters. At Duke's, Jody, Bob and Duke installed a beautifully chromed  XXX horsepower 302 Ford small block, a 6 speed transmission, rack and pinion steering, disk breaks, Vintage Air A/C, and much more.

Arron said " I get up in the morning .go look int the garage, and there is my dream come true, i pinch myself and yes I am awake".


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Tech Specs

450 HP Ford 302 with Howards Hydraulic Roller Cam and Lifters, Manley Fordged Flat Top Pistons and Rods, Eagle Nodular Steel Crank, Edelbrock Endurashine Manifold and 650 AVS Carburetor, Procomp Electronic Ignition and Spark Box, Taylor 8mm Plug Wires, Procomp Ported and Polished Aluminium Heads and Roller Rockers, Hooker Supercomp Headers, Be Cool Radiator, Maradyne Fan 

Drive Train:
Transmission Richmond 5 Speed with Hurst Competition Plus Shifter, McLeod Scatter Shield,  8" Ford with Richmond Lock-Right

Stock Ft End 

Factory Stock with Bucket Seats

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